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Responsive image The term 'Real Estate Rockstar' is thrown around a little too loosely, but Sales Trainer is bringing it back to reality. True Real Estate Rockstars have 2 things above all else... • The results. They List n' Sell. A lot. • Authenticity. They can prove it. Is this your next play? You've made some moves, had some success but now you want to make your mark. To leave an impression that will endure. To give more than you intend to receive. Whilst this next progression might take your notoriety to celebrity it is not about creating and maintaining a perception. It is about advancing your credential and realising your potential. It is about earning your celebrity through substance. It is the real deal. Authentic.

Join the LIST n' Sell Army

We have ambitious plans...

We want to disrupt the real estate industry. We want vendors to go straight to the very best agent in their area. We want those agents to market their properties in ways that are clearly superior to their competitors. We want agents that have protocols in place for consistent, relevant communication to vendors and prospects. And we want the highest possible prices for those properties through superior marketing and negotiation skills that leave the buyer and the vendor wondering how they did it while both leave with smiles on their faces.


The List n’ Sell Army will be armed with ground-breaking communication protocols that establish them as the unparalleled experts in their area. They will earn and be identified as true Real Estate Rockstars, not through smoke and mirrors or trickery, but by a simple measure - listings and sales. They will have marketing techniques and tools that are above and beyond those commonly used. They will have resources at their fingertips that will solve any listing or sales dilemma.


What's in it for you? Plenty.

  • You'll have access to all the tools, techniques and dialogue in Sales Trainer Active and the incredible new Sales Trainer Mentor program.
  • Real Estate Rockstars can attend any List n’ Sell Tour event for FREE.
  • Real Estate Rockstars only pay the setup fee for Property Marketer, then they're on with some of the most innovative marketing and prospecting tools available. ACCOLA:DES, TOViEW individual property websites, OFI and Just Listed templates and more, included. You will never pay a subscription fee while you're in the List n' Sell Army.
  • Real Estate Rockstars can attend the exclusive List n’ Sell Army briefings whenever the team is in your state. If you want to come to another state, that's fine too.
  • Real Estate Rockstars will have one-on-one Skype sessions with Mark and the team
  • Real Estate Rockstars get VIP access to Mark Dwyer and the Real Estate Rockstar team
  • You'll be invited to Open Mic Webinars which will be held regularly. Imagine getting together with a bunch of the best performing agents in the country for a beer (or whatever tickles you) and talking through anything and everything. That's what these will be like.
  • There's plenty more


Apply Now.

We're after only AUTHENTIC Real Estate Rockstars. To become a certified Real Estate Rockstar, we're going to ask some questions about your numbers, your goals and your aspirations. This is all 100% completely confidential.

You'll need your List and Sell figures for the past year at hand.

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