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PRÖSPECTOR - The Regenerative Prospecting Process


PRÖSPECTOR'S Regenerative Prospecting Process is about finding a prospect everyday. By prospecting around your current listings using an ordered sequence, you'll be able to identify the Active Property Sellers against owners in gestation and at the same time initiate a marketing protocol that will separate you from your competitors.

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Sales Trainer Dialogue - Comparative vs. Market Value

Dialogue / Presentation

Sales Trainer Active has an ever expanding library of dialogue examples to ensure that you're never without the right thing to say.

Most agents will go to a listing presentation armed with a CMA, talking only about comparative value and talk about how the property is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. This completely dilutes the skills of an agent and, really, must leave a thinking seller why they're using an agent at all. Sales Trainer goes into a presentation and talks about Market Value rather than comparative value.

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Sales Trainer Tools - Proactivation List

Tools / Proactivation

Sales Trainer Active is full of useful tools and techniques that you can adapt to your agency. This one's very popular!

From a clients perspective events that occur during marketing of the property can be interpreted negatively causing relationship blockages to completing the sale! Should a client shift their focus to how you are doing things rather than on their own motive then disaster may strike! Your aim is to maintain focus on motive and the impending sales decisions.

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