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Welcome to LIST n' Sell


LIST n' Sell is the complete suite of training, resources and tools for wherever you are in your real estate career or whatever you want from your real estate practice. Led by one of the most prominent trainers in Australasia, Mark Dwyer, LIST n' Sell deals in practical, real-world ways to GML - Get More Listings.

Property Careers

Property Careers is THE best way to get ready for a career in real estate sales. Starting with a 2-day Bootcamp, you'll learn how to be productive from the day you walk in the door.

We'll help you get placed and Principals love Property Careers as they don’t have the time to train and support new sales agents. Once placed, we enrol you in our 90 day on the job support and sales success training program to get you learning and earning in the first three months.

Sales Trainer

Sales Trainer is for more experienced real estate professionals and is chock full of tools, resources, ideas, dialogue and more that is field tested to get results.

Sales Trainer Live, also known as the LIST n' Sell Tour, is an intensive 2-day examination and reset of every aspect of what you do and how you do it to win more listings.


STEAM is an appropriate acronym that describes the driving force of a real estate sales business along with our new training product - the Sales Team Engineer And Manager.

STEAM harnesses salespeople and enables control. It allows you to create team synergy through empowered interdependence; basically it provides the energy to achieve.


CREAM is a quirky little acronym for a seriously amazing management course called Corporate Real Estate Agency Model.

CREAM provides strategy, plans, equipment, theory, knowledge, foresight, skill, experience, patience + energy for agency leaders seeking to break free from a business controlling them to commandeering a successful and profitable juggernaut!

COS - The CREAM Operating System

The CREAM Operating System encompasses every area of your real estate practice, from your rawest newb to your most senior salesperson. From your sales team leaders to your directors.

It will guide you to growth and prosperity, with a firm emphasis on making your life - not just your business - better through the two things many business owners lack most - time to enjoy a proper work/life balance and the peace of mind to enjoy that time however you wish.

Property Marketer

Our training tells you what to do. Property Marketer dos it for you. It provides a suite of tools all designed around one aim - GML: Get More Listings.

ACCOLA:DES leverages your letters of recommendation like never before. A suite of templates customised to your brand to take you right through the sales cycle and beyond. TOViEW individual property websites ready in minutes. Listing Pad, your bespoke listing presentation in a native iPad app. Plus much more.

Mark Dwyer

LIST n' Sell is designed and executed by one of Australasia's leading real estate sales trainers, Mark Dwyer.

Mark is a career real estate professional.

For 21 years he has been an innovative leader in professional property selling.

Breaking productivity records for listings, sales as well as gross commissions by both auction and private treaty he held the number one sales position over 500 offices through Australia and New Zealand in the tough market of the early nineties.

He began his own agency in north-west of Sydney that grew into a partnership of agencies and as word of his sales training techniques spread so too did the idea of creating a sales training system that is now known as Sales Trainer.

He is an extraordinarily talented salesperson that relishes the challenge of what others call a tough market. He is passionate about sales success and prosperity.

"It’s all coming together mate! We’re totally focused on double figure listings and this is translating into record breaking sales. We have sold 20 properties this quarter totalling over $13m and way more to go. We’ll slide right by a million in fees!"

John Stack, Barry Plant Blackburn

"Mark, just been to a listing presentation where I successfully used Sales Trainer Dialogue on Fee Negotiation. The sellere was adamant on ‘everything being negotiable’. I calmly explained the value proposition, as you demonstrated, and walked out of there with full commission! Thanks for the dialogues and more importantly the belief - works like a charm!"

James Abelll, First National Christchurch

"I gotta say it man… I’ve implemented the changes to my listing pres that you taught me in regards to marketing, perception etc and have practiced my ass off. So far the 6 hot listing appointments I’ve been to have nailed it and listed at full fee. Listed 3 from 3 yesterday. GML!"

Daniel Richardson, Lead Estate Agents

"I could listen to him for hours and having recorded a couple of training sessions I have! If you want a trainer who will challenge you and expand your business beyond compare, Mark Dwyer is the man. You cannot beat him!"

Sharine Burns, Professionals Howick, Auckland