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Training, tools, dialogue & more for Real Estate Professionals


Sales Trainer active is a curated library of dialogue, letters, tools, forms, audio and much more providing everything an established or aspiring Real Estate Professional needs to get to, and stay at, double figure listings every month.

What's Inside?

Everything you need...


Crafted, field tested letters for every stage of the sales cycle


Never be stuck for words again!


From little snippets to CD length training, STAudio gives you training on the go.


Download full training manuals from live training sessions to hone your skills.


Webinar recordings all archived for learning at your leisure


Posters, worksheets, forms and more to refine your day-to-day practice or to use on your prospects and clients.

Help & Support

Got an issue? Need some advice? Drop a request on the help line!


Sales Trainer Active members get great rates into the annual LIST n' Sell tour - a 2 day intensive workshop.

+ More

Sales Trainer Active is always on the move with new things happening all the time.