Mark Dwyer

Standard Sessions

Below is a list of 'off-the-shelf' sessions available. All sessions are customised to your organisations, however if you'd like a completely custom session, that can be arranged. Contact us for details.

These interactive skill based workshops deal with current issues and challenges occurring in the market or industry. They are designed to stimulate an immediate increase in production.

Yes they are motivating!

Each session is supported by training manuals or other relevant equipment containing dialogue, techniques or structure to fit in with your environment.

Proactivation - Marketing Listings


Basically, what happens when the focus shifts to how things are being done is that problems compound further and demands escalate until the Client withdraws or the agency agreement expires.

Your aim is to keep the focus on what is happening.

For the Client to be focused on the result you must


To do this you must prepare the Client by revealing and explaining all the potential 'go wrongs' that occur during the marketing and sale of residential real estate. Spend the 'presentation end-time' to do this thoroughly and the result will be a Client with...


Here is the formula for the elimination of problems and the removal of demands...




At this point during the Listing Presentation, the Client may have already made the decision to list with you, and expect that you will soon be leaving to get on with the business of selling the property. The explanation of 'go wrongs' may take an hour and you need to explain the importance of what is to follow.

Production - Buyer Systems


Previously, it was generally taught that you should first and foremost qualify a buyers capacity to purchase as well as their budget before you proceeded. For some, this was a very crude routine and to say the least rather blunt in its administered manner. It seemed more interrogation than qualification.

And then the market condition changed.

For the inexperienced salesperson this new climate baffled them, The huge buyer pool that was being topped up daily was now drying up. Those buyers who virtually qualified themselves were suddenly 'clamming up' and refusing to volunteer information. In fact they were resisting appointments to look at property let alone making offers! Preferring to visit property at the low-pressure environment of the Open for Inspection.

For the veteran salesperson that worked the early nineties campaign (and even earlier ones) this represented familiar territory. They instinctively know that...

...productivity is only stimulated by activity

...and this being the case, that harsh and obvious qualification questions would lead to inactivity. Buyers are actually aware that the market is 'correcting itself'.

Expectations of a price slide actually develop fear of being 'ripped off'.

So it is that in the so described 'buyer's market' that the inexperienced salesperson says, 'there are no buyers around'. The reason for this is that buyers quite simply resist qualification techniques ... even though they can and will buy if they see the right home.

No buyers, means no activity, means no sales. In times of low enquiry, qualification cripples productivity.

Prospecting - Attracting Sellers


Traditional prospecting methods are outmoded. Not only are they monotonous for the sales-pro they are also low yield and definitely not an economical use of resource.

In fact the highest and best use of Sales-Pro skill lies exclusively with active sellers and buyers. All dormant clients represent work best left to assistants and client care staff.

Have you ever noticed that the best salespeople are the worst prospectors and that the more diligent prospectors are less than average salespeople?

(imagine the result of these two working in tandem!)

For this reason the sales-pro will only work with Active Clients to secure immediate listing results and with Distributive Marketing to attract client enquiry.

Presentation - Obtaining Listings


Acting skills are as relevant to communication as the content of the message you are trying to present to your audience. Performance therefore becomes vital to your presentation. You should be conscious of each aspect of your performance and how you look to the audience.

Equally important is rehearsal ... role plays help define your script.

You Are On!

Now comes the performance, your presentation.

Remember the value of specific and deliberate actions as you cover each point in your presentation.

Premeditation - Getting Started


It is a stark reality that the sales business has become extremely competitive. Soon after you come up with a new idea, product or system your competition copy or imitate the same sales mechanism and you're back to the drawing board. Once again you are left to compete on fee, or other giveaways.

The answer is of course, the creation of a perpetual edge. Be the leader, not the follower and force the competition into submission. Intimidate, cajole and dictate the trends. You'll never have to guess the pace if you set it.

A perpetual edge is gained through constant improvement. By studying your competitor and better providing everything they have to offer. And then you provide more than they offer better than they ever could!

Your deadliest weapon is the USP (unique selling proposition). You must be constantly vigilant in your search for the point of difference. Design, manufacture + implement products that cannot be easily imitated for some time. Source and use the best equipment that elevates your skill potency beyond your rivals.

We will not be doing business the way we are now in a decade and those that don't believe in perpetual improvement will be struggling to even make the grade of competitor.

The future belongs to the innovative, creative and motivated collective.

More than ever before the salesperson is the marketer, facilitator, communicator and negotiator. These specific skills must be honed to absolute perfection...

Planning - Set Your Objectives


You can accomplish wonderful things with your life if you are serious about unlocking the extraordinary power that lies within you.

You must first become absolutely clear about what you want!

The beauty of any great plan is always in its simplicity. Clear and concise directives that may appear tough but will ultimately, when followed, attain the desired objective.

It is often said that it is more difficult to design a good plan than to follow it. Whilst this may not always be true, planning is a definitive skill of all the truly professional salespeople.

Your ability to set up and maintain balanced working days that ensure you have the time to effectively list, sell, negotiate and communicate with your Clients and colleagues has an importance which cannot be over emphasised.

Planning also provides the key to control of your time. Control, that enables you to take time off without interference from your professional life.

Planning makes you more effective, which means you can achieve more with less exertion. It will also take the worry or stress out of your working life. Knowing where you are going instead wondering whether you will get somewhere.

Planning for success is in itself success.

Pampering - Building a Client Base


A lot of lip service is paid to the creation of reciprocal arrangements not just between salespeople from other agencies, but other businesses sponsorships + clients.

Few, if any, salespeople have established strong referral flow between them.

Quite simply it is the investment of time that prohibits these relationships being formed. The better answer though it is the understanding and development of a process, together with a few easy skills that could stimulate an increase and better quality of business.

In other topics we have explained the difference between dealing with a new client that has been correctly and absolutely 'pre-sold' on your company service contrasted by one that has not.

A pre-sold client is totally co-operative. They do not question your business process whereas, the non pre-sold will need to be convinced of your value (usually against competitors) and will then typically make further judgment on the process rather than the result.

In the corporate world this process of establishing good business relationships is what we refer to as Distribution.

It is this same process that we have come to use for all our relationships.

Prosperity - Your Future Success


Wealth is not income. The corporate world is overrun with people on substantial incomes that are not wealthy.


Quite simply, the expenditure exceeds the income received. They may have an enviable lifestyle but it is dependent on the existence and size of the income. Once the income stops, so too does the lifestyle.

Purely depending on income for a lifestyle that emulates wealth is dangerous. As the desire for more of the things money can buy increases, so too does the need for a bigger income, or worse, increased debt.

You cannot personally work indefinitely (nor should you want to) to continue to produce an income. Wealth is about the creation of alternative income sources that negate the need for you to provide personal exertion. It is not about spending money.

It takes little intelligence to spend money.

It is about saving and investing part or all of your regular, extraordinary and increased income to create that base by which wealth is measured ...NETT ASSETS.

Professionalism - Peak Performance


What is it that makes one salesperson better than another? The obvious measure is results or more to the point earnings. Typically, these are measured against time - the faster you produce the results, the more you earn, the better the salesperson you are. Efficiency is the key, less exertion for better result or moderate exertion for massive result.

The availability of efficiency improving tools is immeasurable. There are skill training courses, computers + software programs, personal assistants and outsourcing services eager for your business.

Still there is no better means to efficiency improvement than self imposed discipline. Your ability to learn, develop, perfect and internalize efficient career habits is the essence of true professionalism + optimum success.

To become a better, more efficient, more productive salesperson you must aspire toward greatness. You must observe what the best do.

You must think as the best do. You must replicate their actions. You must become as they are. What follows is the best. The world class Sales-Pro in rudimentary style simply taking care of business. It is an ordinary day in the career life of an extraordinary salesperson.

Weapons of Mass Production - Equipment that enhances communication, controls price expectation and secures pre-sold listings.


The innovative real estate professional is automating the sales process. The key to mass productivity is the formation of reliable and consistent systems that deliver on new incoming business, nurturing of existing business and improved conversion ratios of listings into sales.

Whilst Sales Trainer maintains skill as the pivotal force in the real estate transaction we also believe that more than eighty percent of the process is repetitive. This is the area that can be greatly improved and delivered upon.

This session will give you a sound understanding of the process and the equipment to facilitate the creation of a point of difference between you and your competitor.

Here is some of what you will take away...

A Prospective Pre-Sold Listing Flow Chart

A Series of Professional Prospecting Letters

Setting Up Distribution Conduits

Client Communications letters, Review Meetings + Activity

Schedule for an Active Sales Drive

Micro-functionality - Redefining the sales role into specialist Listers, Negotiators, Cadets + Communicators


There is absolutely no doubt that the dynamic of the real estate sales career is changing.

Expectations are shifting. Externally, those people involved in property transactions, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants are interpreting the quality of service in differing ways. Inside the industry there is also redefinition.

You, your company and your boss now have different expectations of each other. For a successful future these need to be reconciled. There are many choices to be made. But without the facts how can they be made?

Equip yourself as the neo-professional by learning what the future holds. In this Sales Trainer Session, we openly discuss what lies ahead for the sales professional...

- The Specialist Lister or Negotiator?
- Balancing Personal Assistants + Cadets
- Operating in a Buyers Market
- The Corporate Real Estate Agency
- Balance for Production + Performance
- Share Equity. How do I measure up?

Proactivation - Managing price expectation with property sellers + landlords


Listing a property for sale or lease is only one part of the selling equation.

Selling or letting it successfully is another Proactive not reactive skills are the key.

In this comprehensive session Mark expands on the elements presented in sales Trainer Live to totally enable + equip you the controlled management of your clients'expectations of your professionalism.

Of all the skill sets afforded to a sales professional Mark places the top priority on this one, crediting the strength of his real estate career to his ability to...

Anticipate the clients emotional needs and relay all contingent event likely to occur during the transaction.

Communicate by his definition which is the successful transference of information relevant to decision making.

Terminate the unnecessary and inefficient protraction of the sales process through empathetic interpretation and solution based techniques.

Fee Negotiation - Securing an equitable + discount free sales, leasing + marketing fee - permanently


Until recent times the discounting of percentage based fees was a rarity. With the change in market conditions and the advent of deregulation of fees in some states the practice of discounting is common. The intended spirit of deregulation was to create an environment where real estate agents would be forced to negotiate their fee based upon the quality and quantity of service they provided. In other words the agents would become far more accountable, competitive and as such increase the level of professionalism, improve marketing and customer liaison.

On the whole this hasn't generally worked out. The professional standard of the industry has marginally improved against the promised potential.

Discounting on preset fee scales is rife, delinquent payment numbers on advertising & marketing expenses for property sellers remain high and the introduction of the Goods & Services Tax has added to further discount pressure.

Agents derive income and profit from fees. Salespeople derive salary, bonus, commission and incentive from fees. Is it not logical to maximize the skills, knowledge and zest of every individual in a sales force to procure a profitable & prosperous fee?

In this session Mark will demonstrate how his agency has managed to never discount a fee. He'll show how after deregulation they successfully increased their fee to the highest percentage among competitors - still no discount.

They have also introduced marketing and specific levies also without concession.

This presentation defines all that made this possible. It rationalizes the principles of the selling profession.

It demonstrates the necessary skill both in demeanour & dialogue to negotiate a prosperous and consistent fee.

And finally it provides the plan of implementation so that your entire team can take the stance of adopting a fee standard beyond the comprehension of your competitors.

Daily Habits - Introduction for Leaders


What is it that turns a common real estate agency into a high turnover & highly profitable business powerhouse? I believe it is a balanced combination of driven leadership & aggressive management. Very few residential real estate companies are achieving this. The scale turnover agencies are making marginal profits whilst those with high percentage profits have only modest production (and usually with active selling directors) and the middle ground no longer appears a viable option.

Less than ten years ago, around two million in turnover was considered outstanding. Now there are significant numbers of businesses exceeding ten million in gross receipts. What is it that these companies are doing?

Whilst the average fee has in some cases trebled, the number of units sold has also increased, but so too have the number of salespeople it is taking to achieve this. That said, the production numbers per individual salesperson in these companies has not decreased.

What can we learn from this? Well it seems that ramping your business up from small volume to scale, negating average volume, is the part of the solution. This is brought about by an increased number of sales staff.

Though if your production per head is falling, then an increase in salespeople would only exasperate the problem and could in fact turn into a disastrous strategy.

The first step is to stem the decline in volume production of salespeople. This is achieved through leadership, not management. Strong, energised, visionary + inspirational.