Sales Team Leadership

STEAM is for working IN your business...

STEAM is an appropriate acronym that describes the driving force of a real estate sales business along with our new training product - the Sales Team Engineer And Manager STEAM is the productive force of a real estate sales business and Sale Team Leadership training product. STEAM is listing + selling real estate with uncompromised terms + conditions and a prosperous discount free environment. It is about continuous prospect flow, consistent product delivery and multiple daily listings and sales. STEAM is practicality... exactly what to do each year, quarter, month and on a daily basis to manage and lead the team that delivers efficiently and on time. Are you ready to take the reins and move full STEAM ahead?

The STEAM Program

STEAM is for Sales Managers, Team Leaders and their managers. It harnesses salespeople and enables control. It allows you to create team synergy through empowered interdependence. It is practicality… exactly what to do each year, quarter, month and on a daily basis to manage and lead the team that delivers efficiently and on time.

The Real Estate Sales Manager

Session 1

Your success in leading a sales-team is defined by the number of listings and sales the team produces. Your ability to post high numbers is determined by how well you influence and then manage the people in that team individually and collectively.

In this session we'll profile a Real Estate Sales Manager so you can see just what it takes to be the hands-on leader your team requires to counted among the big three in your service area.

Planned Listings, Sales + Revenue Growth

Session 2

Just as we expect salespeople to set goals, reach them and then improve so to should we set objectives for the collective. Successful growth for a sales-team is no accident it is the result of a carefully set targets and meticulous planning to reach them.

Analysis precedes setting growth objectives and this will include market yields, prospect strategies, conversion ratios, fee structures, skill ratings, team resource and management system capacity. We then set the growth objectives and the growth plan to accommodate the goals.

If it sounds complex it isn’t – it is just a matter of collating the data.

The GML (Get More Listings) Strategy

Session 3

You can overcome most obstacles in a real estate business with more stock. Sales-teams thrive when overstocked since more stock means more sales activity. The insatiable appetite for listing more property for sale is the answer and in this session we show you how to increase market share to saturation point.

We then show how to strategically break new markets after evaluating the capacity of your sales-team. If necessary it may be time to recruit new team members.. In any event you will grow your market share!

Consistent Systematic Productivity

Session 4

Learn why sales-teams falter. The ability to pre-emptively identify the problem and proactively initiate prevention measures is critical. You’ll learn how to instil proactive activity with predictable definitive outcomes… you’ll never again find your team scrambling reactively resulting in high and low production spikes.

You’ll learn about Stock Control. How to predict incoming business and monthly sales and then increasing the number of both at your command!

Controlled reliable and consistent productivity growth will be the result!

Meetings - Quarterly, Monthly + Weekly

Session 5

This is it, the action, the juice! A professional Sales Manager relishes the power of the meeting understanding the purpose of each, setting the agenda, chairing it and coming away with clear concise actions that will lead to results.

Inspiring, direct and energetic, no meeting in a sales business should ever be considered boring! Your major control lever is the group meeting and once you understand its functionality you will use it as your prime weapon. Meetings are literally the essential element of sales-team effectiveness.

Monitoring, Mentoring + Managing

Session 6

The proof as we say is in …the performance! And careful delivered yet masterfully executed techniques are on the agenda in this session. We’ll show you habits that keep the machine lubricated and firing on all cylinders. Be it daily, weekly or monthly we’ll walk you through one-on-one scenarios that keep you in the know and the team on the go! What to do to evaluate, fire up or sometime retire team members as is necessary for the good of the team and company – and your sanity!

Learn to create a productive and efficient culture that will have you in control in a hands-on manner – even when you are not there! Now that is management!

Hyper Productivity Tools

Session 7

There are times when new prospect, listings or sales numbers drop. The sales-team may be a little complacent, perhaps you feel like raising the bar or just because… just because! For any of these occasions you’ll need a program or protocol that can provide an immediate injection or boost to productivity…the quick fix of sorts.

We'll show you an initial range of tools we’ve engineered to create hyper-production of new prospects, listing appointments, price reductions, buyer enquiry, sales or whatever else you may require.

These need to be 'at the ready' in your Sales Manager arsenal!

The Sales Team

Session 8

The lifeblood of any sales-team is its salespeople and the ability to attract, select, train, test + trial new recruits often represents an all too hard challenge for most for team leaders. The preference has always been experience over rawness yet we’ll show you why the opposite in most instances is true.

You'll learn how to identify the best and indeed build your own recruitment system that operates in perpetuity giving you and your team the confidence to grow without ever employing to replace rather to build.

As captain of the team this is the final responsibility – your people!