A quirky little acronym for a seriously amazing management course called Corporate Real Estate Agency Model.

CREAM is for working ON your business...

CREAM provides strategy, plans, equipment, theory, knowledge, foresight, skill, experience, patience + energy for agency leaders seeking to break free from a business controlling them to commandeering a successful and profitable juggernaut! CREAM supports everything from the desired control of your real estate agency business through to providing instruction to those aspiring to the destiny of a scale corporate collective. CREAM empowers these people to create the necessary change and improvement to accomplish the foundation, structure and functionality of the corporate model. Isn't it about time you invested in some CREAM?

The CREAM Program

CREAM is for Prinipals, Directors and Agency Managers, and those being groomed for a management role. It provides strategy, plans, equipment, theory, knowledge, foresight, skill, experience, patience + energy for agency leaders seeking to break free from a business controlling them to commandeering a successful and profitable juggernaut!

Back to the Future

Session 1

Your journey begins by taking a look at the past, evaluating and then reinstating your initial intent. So often the actual purpose of a company, its culture, its drive and energy and the vision are overridden by the day-to-day challenges that come its way.

We'll look at the some of these issues, pinpoint what causes a loss of focus and then importantly show the successful business models (for you choose from) that supersede those fraught with problems.

The Corporate Model

Session 2

This is where you prepare the business to improve. You will rationalise the business structure, its brand marketing, sales operations, property management, income streams and its overall resource. We'll take a look at how the Create Operating System evolved and you'll be introduced to the Corporate Pillars that underpin a successful agency business model. We'll then introduce the support products that parallel these pillars...

  • The Client responsibly + profitably generating new business
  • Leadership providing the driving force behind the vision
  • Management measured and calculated productivity + efficiency
  • Salespeople recruit, train + maintain a professional team
  • Marketing engineer and position a truly unique product
  • Technology innovation leads, imitation follows
  • Prosperity security first, then growth and finally dividends

A Leadership Culture

Session 3

Working toward a successful ideal is key to firing up the corporate model. Jobs are aplenty but adventures are hard to find and it's the company that inspires people to greatness that will attract the brightest most talented people.

A mediocre company will unconsciously focus on cultural aspirations that are principally management derived and as such, uninspiring to employees. This is often the cause of the ugly rut a company feels it is stuck.

A leadership culture brings with it a sense of excitement, anticipation and a whole lot of fun and this is an essential element to the longevity of your corporation.

We'll outline the difference between the two and how we managed to synergistically meld every tier of your company to focus on the same leadership inspired culture. It is the fuel that drives the team forward.

An Equitable Fee, Profit + Bonus Structure

Session 4

The critical issue for any real estate business is how it distributes its income. The last decade has seen an exponentially increased fee, now under discount pressure; whilst we are faced with diminished profits, lower production per head and outrageous bonus percentages paid to salespeople! This is the cause of many businesses wanting to rationalise their payment structures. But more importantly, what thought is given to profit structure?

In this session we give analysis into the cause of this predicament. We identify the root of the problem and then show the solution. We will rollout a structure that aligns fee-profit-bonuses permanently. We then show you how to implement and maintain this structure indefinitely.

What is the top line? Your company will earn a minimum margin of 30% in operating profit in isolation!

This is the pivotal point in reengineering your cash flow business for growth, security + profitability!

Your Proprietary Database

Session 5

The basis of any real estate agency is its clients. Yet new incoming business is largely left to sales staff to generate and so too for the most part is the ongoing relationship management. The problem is there is little incentive for either management or salespeople to substantially create a constant stream of incoming business.

We'll challenge your view on this and show you how to create a profitable income stream whilst stimulating sales productivity from new and established database clients. And at the same time you'll be building a capital base to the company's value!

Creating Corporate Structure

Session 6

The next step in developing an efficiently productive corporate entity is to give it functionality. We'll demonstrate the deficiencies of the small business model in serving the modern consumer and how the functionality of the corporate model provides the solution.

We'll discuss the installation of language around functionality and how to integrate the new model into your business. There'll be a first hand account of the reality of the exercise and how to balance your expectations against practicality.

Sales Team Recruiting, Training + Retaining

Session 7

The backbone of any real estate business its management team and the selection process is critical to survival. Leaders aren't necessarily born that way but they do have inherent characteristics. The ability to identify who has the right stuff goes well beyond qualification.

That said the credentials are far more important than potential and your ability to attract, the right people that make for the perfect fit cannot be overestimated. In contrast to salespeople the preference is experience and success over rawness and we'll show you why this is path to prosperity.

You'll learn how to build the engine room that conducts a company grounded in growth, security and profitability operating seamlessly in perpetuity giving you and indeed your company the confidence to grow on a solid management platform.

Increasing Workflow Processes (+ Diluting Skill)

Session 8

More than 80% of the procedures in residential real estate transactions are repetitive. We will show how to identify these and then wrap process around them. This has the effect of increasing efficiency and eliminating ‘blockages' such as customer complaints, protracted negotiations, lost business, poor data management, just to name a few.

The dozens of processes we have already built will be presented to you with flow charts and the supporting material so that you can install these progressively in your own company. Most of all we'll give you the procedure to building your own processes according to your style of business.

Property Marketer

Session 9

As the industry changes dynamic the need for product is stronger than ever before. Building your marketing machine need not from the ground up need not be expensive as it appears.

Property Marketer delivers these in the form of the preeminent LISTING PAD and its associated components such as Accolades, Campaign, Proposal and from the lab, Remote Lister. You'll see the benefits this superb product can bring your business!

We'll also discuss the issues around branding and design work and the protection of trademarks. You'll learn how to define your USP and develop it into a product 'package'. We'll show in sequence how utilise your marketing machine that comprises superior Open for Inspections (virtual listing presentations), your own property magazine and its circulation, pre-listing kits, newsletters, internet enquiry, brochures... everything marketing!

Also we will provide the process that establishes the conduits with the media to secure editorial promotion of your brand and its services. We'll talk about the role of marketing in distribution and penetration of your market.

Technology: The Integration

Session 10

There developments in this area are relentless and some time needs to be spent deciphering the relevance each has in the world of real estate sales. Back office software was one thing but now with tools such as iPad, social media and an ever expanding range of marketing and communication developments the return on investment in time and money needs to be considered.

Corporate Equity Models

Session 11

This session will definitely get you thinking about the future. We will discuss the context of equity partnerships in detail. First of all we will contrast the difference on the corporate grid between income, equity + control.

We will then explain the role of benchmarking your business to increase its value exponentially. I will clarify what qualifies an employee to present worthy of equity and under what constraints.

Finally I will present some concepts of equity for you to consider and we'll explain the positive effect this can have on growth.

Mergers + Acquisitions

Session 11b

The next step on the growth curve is mergers and acquisitions. The climate suggests that your company ought to consider consuming others or inevitably be consumed – predator or prey? You'll need to skill up and understand the dynamics of mergers + acquisitions.

We'll explore some tactical plays as well as the indications of when to strike on acquisitions. Oh and yes we'll also look at how to position your company as the stronger in anticipation of a merger!

Prosperity: The Implementation

Session 12

Security and growth are an integral part of the longevity goal of the company. So are dividends and increased equitable value for the shareholders. We'll look at each of these and how they can be instigated to cultivate automatically.

And finally we'll provide the blueprint to action all that you've learned. A short, medium and long term sustainable plan for control, growth and prosperity.

And as you'd expect we will even provide the support plan to help you implement at your pace!